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So first off I was 60 miles away from Wolverine on a sunday, doing a poker run and my bikes voltage meter started dropping and the battery light came on, well needless to say about 600 feet from our second stop the bike died. I called wolverine to see if they had a driver to come pick us up and they didnt on sunday, so I called around to a couple friends and finally reached a friend that could come get us, so I called the shop and told Matt that I was on my way but may not make it by 3pm (closing time) he assured me that he would wait for me to arrive, we pulled into the parking lot at 2:58 and true to his work Mat was waiting for us to arrive. So I dropped the bike off and asked if it is possible to get it fixed by friday, this was on Sunday, Mat said they would do their best to get it done, true to his word I received a call that the bike was ready Friday afternoon and I could pick it up anytime. Turned out to be the Stator went bad, so they replaced that and I requested that they change the regulator also. Bike was clean and all set when I arrived to pick it up, Thanks to the Staff at Wolverine for getting the job done for my wife and I so we could go on our vacation on Friday Great service and awesome people at Wolverine, Thanks Matt for everything (Employee: Matt Verstrat)
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Mike Moss
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