Bucket List Almost Complete!
Riding a motorcycle has been on my bucket list since as long as I can remember! After my son David completed his Marine Corp training in Perris Island SC and told me he wanted to ride a motorcycle for transportation where he will be stationed, I jumped at the chance to take the Basic motorcycle Safety course with him, but couldnt find an open class while he was on leave in July. All I can say is that Cheri, Tony and Dan are now my motorcycle heros, since they agreed to make room in the class last weekend for both my son and I before he leaves for his duty station in Okinawa Japan. What an excellent class experience! If you have never rode a bike, sign up and ride with these folks. I guarantee you will not regret it. My list is almost complete! We will hopefully see Ace, Ghost or Chuck to test ride a couple bikes on Friday! Who knows.maybe Ill ride away on something to make my list complete. Wolverine HD, you all ROCK! (Employee: Cheri Adamek)
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Michael Donnellon
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