Thank You Cheri & Steve!
Just wanted to take a moment and send out a Thank You to Cheri and Steve for the OUTSTANDING Experience! The 2 of them gave me the confidence I needed to be able to pass this course! I unfortunately did not pass the test the first time, and that had nothing to do with Cheri and Steve, it was that I was allowing myself to be an over thinker, and I just never have been good at taking tests. BUT I contacted Cheri the next day which was a Friday (her day off), and she met me for a one on one class, and yes I PASSED :)! Its so nice to still see people who enjoy helping people, and Steve and Cheri are both like that! So once again, Thank You for EVERYTHING you guys have done, and I will contact you Cheri once my bike is legal so that I can practice on my own bike! Thanks Guys! (Employee: Cheri Adamek, Steve Katona)
Tammy Puchlak
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