When you ride a motorcycle, having it in optimum working condition is a key to reducing risks and more importantly the consequences cause be a mechanical failure. These failures can leave you stranded or worse, cause a crash...and to a motorcycle rider a crash can result catastrophic injuries and even death...not to mention what it can do to the motorcycle! When you are as adamant about being 100% on your game mentally, wearing the proper gear (INCLUDING a GOOD, DOT Helmet), riding straight and riding sober, the comfort and confidence I gain from knowing that the machine I am on is running at optimum working condition is something that I stake my life on. I am like many...a self-proclaimed garage mechanic who can handle a wrench for the simple things like tightening bolts on a lawnmower...but I am a far cry from a true professional. This is why I make certain the work done on my motorcycles is done by the best in the business, and when I say the Service Department at Wolverine HD and ALL the associates there are the very best in the business, I mean it. Having my motorcycles serviced there is the same as saying to them Guys, I am trusting you with my life because the fact is...I am. When you look at it in those terms, that is a very heavy responsibility that myself and every rider who entrusts them to service to their motorcycles has placed on them, regardless of the nature of the service...and can say without hesitation that they have proven time and again that they are worthy of that responsibility and more importantly, my trust and my respect. Thank you all for always exceeding expectations and keeping my motors at their peak performance! Gary Lewandowski Owner / Instructor Ride Like a Pro - Great Lakes (Employee: Dave Nagy, Jesse Stretch, Matt Verstrat, Mark Meyers)
Gary Lewandowski
Hey Gary. Thank-you for all you do for Wolverine Harley-Davidson and the HOG group. Your wisdom and knowledge has enhanced riding for a ton of people. You be careful out there.  Thanks.                                                                                                                                                                                             Goose

Wolverine Harley-Davidson
44660 N Gratiot ave
Clinton twp, Michigan 48036
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