First off I own a HD bike. So by department let me provide some feedback. Sales: not much contact with them but casually watching them as I wander around they seem to be doing a good job. They do engage me but dont pester me which is good. Parts: generally they do a good job but I feel at times a bit intimidated. I would like a little more get to know me or what Im doing by buying parts. Not just what do you need and move along. Maybe it is because they are trying to move customers along but I have a second bike that Im customizing and I would like to talk to someone about part options. I mean I understand if Im just buying an oil filter. After sales: they do a pretty professional job and take care of my needs, but again it would be nice to talk to them maybe about options 8 could do on my bike like engine or exhaust work. Dealership condition: place is spotless, floors clean, bathrooms clean, workers friendly. I might suggest that the person to the right of the front door behind the desk act maybe more of a greeter when customers come in the door. Maybe asking customers when they come in the door of how can I help you or can I recommend someone for you to talk to for what your looking for. Events: really great for bringing customers in but again I sometimes feel a bit intimidated by the hard core people, bu5 maybe that is just me being a quiet type guy. Maybe a suggestion again is to have a couple friendly workers kind of just walk around and engage people that are not the regulars and ask how they are doing, what brings them in to the event, anything they could help them with, any questions they could answer. Hope this helps and maybe sparks some ideas for you dealership.
Ed Lewis
Ed, Thanks for the great review. Your suggestions have been discussed by management and staff, and action has been taken. The Harley biker label can be intimidating, but the day you walk in the front door here and every day after, you are family. Spending time at Wolverine HD and joining the Wolverine Harley-Davidson HOG (Harley Owners Group) will make you feel more comfortable. See any Wolverine employee for details if you haven't already. We want you feel comfortable here, and on your Harley. Thanks and you rock!      

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