A great experience!!!
My salesman from the get go was Pockets! He's the one that took interest in me (the only one really, the other salesman all scattered when Cheri was introducing us) when Cheri was introducing me and Ed during our Safety Course. He approached me and struck up a conversation, asking me if I owned a motorcycle or what my interest was. No pressure from him about buying, he actually gave me some great advice about my old, piece of shit motorcycle, and fixing it up. Once I finished the course, which was GREAT!! Totally worth the extra money. Cheri is an amazing teacher. I felt 100% ready for the road and confident in my abilities to ride safely. Once I finished though Pockets sent me a text congratulating me and letting me know to reach out to him if he could do anything for me, and again congratulated me on passing the course. When I got the endorsement put on my license I texted him to arrange a demo/test drive, which we did on the 3rd of October. I arrived at 230pm and didn't leave until after 7pm. My friend Ryan met me up there and was supposed to ride with us, but we were out on a test drive when he arrived so he started working with a different salesman. At the end of the test drive Pockets asked if there was anything he could do, theoretically, to get me to buy the bike today. Because he knew I had to talk to my wife first and I told him I wouldn't be purchasing today. So we talked for a while and went back and forth. It was fine, no real pressure, all hypotheticals, and it put some ideas in my head. My wife and I talked that night and we went to the bank to see what they could do for us versus what HD financing could do. We got some numbers and once I had those I called Pockets and told him I would be buy the dealership around noon. Again, we did some test drives, but this time with the wife, and it was great. Pockets encouraged me to try getting it out on the road versus just driving around the church parking lot. So I took his advice and followed his lead and we went out on the road, which was great. I'm so glad I did that. When we came back we started going over banking information and at this point Ben came over and talked to us. My wife works with a good friend of Ben's so he wanted to make sure we were being taken care of and we had a great chat about riding and bikes and the Harley family. Ben is a great guy! Chris ending up taken over the financial aspect of it and finalizing everything, and then we met everyone in the shop, which was also great. The helmet people helped us pick out some new helmets and gear. It was great. It lasted a little long, and my wife started fading, but that's only because we hadn't really planned on being there all day, again. Pockets went and got us a snack so we could finish the night strong though. at around 630 I think we finally closed the deal, maybe later, it was getting kind of dark. All I know is the bike was outside and pretty much everyone had left, which was fine! But Pockets stuck around and went over everything on the bike with me and made sure I really knew everything I could about it. I drove it home that night!!! Also, on a side note, without my knowledge my wife went to the dealership on the 29th of September, to try and pick out a bike for me, as a surprise. She didn't know I was working with/alreading talking to Pockets, so Scott approached her and showed her around. She didn't know what kind of bike I wanted but Scott still helped her and for that I want to mention him. Thanks again for the experience, I really feel like a part of the Harley family! I love this dealership! Jonathan Yankee (Employee: John Podeszwa, Chris Williams, Ben Martus, Cheri Adamek, Scott Silverthorn)
Jonathan Yankee
Welcome to the Wolverine Harley-Davidson Family! Thanks for the Great review!

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